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Sustainably conscious womenswear, for fairies and witches alike, hand crafted in our small, Manchester studio.


Fennuala Belle draws inspiration from the macabre to the mystic, exploring the diverse nature of femininity and female sexuality. With a love of cult classics, historical romanticism and all things witchy, our designs centre around the feminine and theatrical, exploring historical references and creating garments that evoke frivolity and levity, whilst maintaining quality, charm and ecological integrity.


Sustainability, creativity and craftmanship are of the upmost importance, which is why we are a very small brand taking the slow approach to fashion. Using earth-friendly fabrics, deadstock materials, and upcycling vintage and antique fabrics, from tablecloths and tapestries to curtains, and offering made-to-order and made-to-measure services, we strive to produce as little waste as possible.


Our aim is to create unique and characterful pieces in the most mindful way possible, that are to be treasured forever. We want to encourage our customers to see the true value of clothing and the workmanship involved in its creation, rather than the throw-away nature of fast-fashion.