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Fennuala Belle is a sustainably conscious, independent womenswear brand, designed in Manchester, UK. 


Fanciful, gothic, whimsical and nostalgic, we draw inspiration from the macabre to the mystic, exploring the diverse nature of femininity and female sexuality. Founded by Fennuala Belle Butterfield in 2020, this playful brand shares a love of cult classics, historical romanticism and all things witchy, with designs centring around the feminine and theatrical, exploring historical references and creating garments that evoke frivolity and levity, whilst maintaining quality, charm and ecological integrity.

Fennuala Belle offers timeless pieces in a wide range of sizes, that are made to be cherished for a lifetime. We are a low waste brand, producing high quality, ethically manufactured garments in small production runs to maintain exclusivity.

Find out more about our ethics and sustainability!

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