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Please make sure to check your measurements before ordering!
These are your measurements, not the garment's, and are in inches.

Untitled-1 copy.png

For corsets, to accurately measure yourself, please measure the smallest part of your waist (just above your belly button) and the widest part of your chest (across the nipples). 
Our corsets are designed to be made with a slight gap in the lacing at the back, so that you can adjust how tight or loose you would like to wear it. 

If you are in between sizes, your size is not shown in the chart, or your proportions vary from these standard sizes (you have a larger bust, for example) then please email, and we can help advise which size would be best for you!

We are able to make custom size adjustments for you if needed so that you get the perfect fit! But please note that custom sizing is only available for made to order items, and not ready to ship items. 

Please make sure to email to discuss custom sizing before you order, even if only minor adjustments are needed, otherwise we can't guarantee that your request will be possible. 

Our sizing range will be expanding as soon as we can afford to do so. Grading and sizing patterns is a time consuming and costly process, and as a small business, we can currently only afford to provide the set sizes shown above.

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