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IT IS RECOMMENDED TO HAND WASH ONLY. These garments should not be washed often, but when they do need washing, use a delicate non-bio detergent and a damp cloth to spot clean any stains.

If you think your garment requires a deeper clean that cannot be achieved through hand washing, it is suitable to be put on a cold wash delicate cycle in the washing machine, using a delicate non-bio detergent. This should NOT be done on a regular basis, and only if your garment has stains that can’t be removed through hand washing. Make sure all ribbons are removed from corsets and lace up skirts before putting in the washing machine.
DO NOT TUMBLE DRY. Hang in a ventilated area or lay flat to dry. when ironing, use a cooler setting and place another fabric or towel over the garment to protect from the heat. Please be mindful that the corsets contain plastic boning, and some garments contain synthetic fabrics and vintage fabrics with synthetic fibres, which may be damaged if exposed to too high a heat. hang the corset after each wear to air it out and preserve the shape.  


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